An overview of all the concept artists we have worked with and who helped us in creating the vast world of our creation.
The musical score is one of the cornerstones of Legends of the underground. We have been fortunate to have assembled some great artists, many of whom are pioneers in their fields.
These are the production artists behind the visual overwhelming stereoscopic 3D animation of legends of the underground.
Part of the administrative team behind Legends of the Underground and the current musical director, Mr Mensah brings his love of the epic to the Legends family. Having worked with artists in jazz, soul and gospel internationally he shares a love of creating music from the soul that carries a universal message.
2006 is expected to be THE year for Bembe Segue musically without any doubt. First of all, there is the arrival of her long awaited debut lp. The lp will feature the classic Bembe tunes like ‘Mother of the Future’ or ‘Caged Bird’ with some of her best unrevealed solo productions.
Not forgetting all the eps and collabs with some major or new talents around like Kyoto Jazz Massive, Dego or Motet etc.
This highly respected artist is also a renowned Poet and lyricist . He is one the Philadelphia greats whose list also includes Jazzy Jeff, DJ Cash Money and King Britt. Rich’s DJ sets know no boundaries, no genres or tempos.
Rich has made appearances at HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and Germany’s National Poetry Slam. He co-produced a track for Jill Scott ’s debut, ‘Who is Jill Scott?’ and has written material for Maxwell’s forthcoming album.
Legends of the Underground enlisted his vocal talent and will be the narrator at the forth coming legends Showcase (Oct 30th 2006) and soon to be released 2nd album.
Her once-in-a-generation six-octave voice has earned her two Grammy nominations for Best Female Jazz Performance and Downbeat magazines Best Female Singer accolade on four occasions. Influenced by both traditional Brazilian singers and the improvisations of American jazz divas like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, Flora Purim was one of the most adventurous singers of the 1970s.
After meeting and marrying her husband, percussionist Airto Moreira, in their native Brazil, Purim moved with him to the U.S. in the late ’60s. Though she worked with Stan Getz and pianist Duke Pearson before the decade ended, it wasn’t until joining Chick Corea, Joe Farrell, Stanley Clarke, and Moreira in the original Return to Forever in 1972 that she became well known in the States.
Purim showed considerable promise on Forever classics like “500 Miles High” and “Light As a Feather” and lived up to it when she went solo with 1973’s Butterfly Dreams. Flora Purim’s Milestone dates of the mid- to late ’70s kept her very visible in the jazz world.
We are proud to welcome Flora to the Legends of the Underground project!
Bugz in the Attic is an all-star broken beat crew of DJs and producers based in West London — a collective that includes (but isn’t limited to) Afronaught, Seiji, Daz-I-Kue, Kaidi Tatham, Mark Force,Matt Lord,Alex Phountzi and Mikey Stirton.
Whether alone,together, or involved in their many splinter projects and one-offs, the members of Bugz in the Attic have likely played a role in well over half (if not a higher percentage) of the releases that can be categorized as broken beat.
The group has also run its own Co-Op club night and the Bitasweet label as well, which has been an outlet for some of their involvements and interests.
Always eager to explore new sonorities with Jazz, Soul and Breakbeats influences, Dego and Mark granted us Future Jazz/Broken Beats releases with 4 Hero on Talkin’ Loud, as well as on “Desist Da Black” as Dollis Hill on the quintessential Metalheadz.
Dego’s “2000 Black” Project exploited very seriously the influences of Jazz and Electronica, in an amazing combination.
Dominic Stanton is one of several producers who came out of West London’s broken beat community during the late ’90s and early 2000s.
Prior to that, Stanton had been a drum’n’bass DJ throughout the ’90s and released his own productions as Static Imprints and as Sonar Circle — for Reinforced.
Stanton released his first Domu production in 1999 for Dego’s 2000 Black label and began using that as his primary alias throughout the early 2000s.
Domu has notched releases for the Archive and Skindeep imprints; most notably, the full-length Up and Down came out on Archive in 2001 and the first Rima lp was out on JCR in 2003.
Other pseudonyms include Rima, Kudu, Realside, Zoltar and possibly a million more?
For over the past ten years, Mark’s musical journeying has taken him to the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Cuba. Performing and recording in different settings collaborating with DJ/producers, turntablists, acoustic jazz artists, Japanese Kagura, and the world of latin rhythms, Mark has become a major figure in the nu-jazz movement, blending jazz, ethnic music and urban grooves into a fresh 21st Century flavour.
In 2004 Mark embarked on a brand new venture and co produced the soundtrack album entitled LEGENDS of the UNDERGROUND, an amazing visual & musical stage production which enlisted such icons as Domu/Seiji & Bembe Segue.