An overview of all the concept artists we have worked with and who helped us in creating the vast world of our creation.
The musical score is one of the cornerstones of Legends of the underground. We have been fortunate to have assembled some great artists, many of whom are pioneers in their fields.
These are the production artists behind the visual overwhelming stereoscopic 3D animation of legends of the underground.
3d_michaelvisser Homepage:

Director/Art Director/ Conceptual Designer at NMTrix

After his education Michael Visser worked as an illustrator and conceptual artist before moving to 3Dimensional software. Thriving in a fast moving industry he developed rapidly in delivering high quality Computer Graphics on a tight deadline. Because of his illustrative background and knowledge of human anatomy it was only logical to move to character animation and motion capture technology. The Legends project allows Mike to use his full skillset on organising extremely long character animation scenes while keeping an eye on the overall art-direction and the story-telling elements of the show.

3d_johanboekhoven Homepage:

Technical Director/ Senior 3D-Animator at NMTrix

Johan Boekhoven started out a freelance all round 3d animator after his education, working on everything from modeling to character animation.
Educated in electromechanics and storytelling for contemporary media, it was quite natural that character animation was the main focus while graduating, marrying the technical interest with storytelling through character animation.

Johan has developed his interest in the techniques behind the animation by going down the technical artist/director and pipeline tool developer and is aiming at delivering high quality tools and rigs for animation.