In the beginning, all that was created came into existence through the power of two forces. These beings co-existed as one, for neither had dominance over the other. One spirit was a reverberation, and the other was movement. Seven Angels sprung forth from within the Eternal Light, and were given the power to carry out its entire creative works. Authority over the two spirits was bestowed upon the Sentinels,and through them creation was born.

As the heavens extended, reaching out to embrace infinity, the Angels were commanded to produce a Gift that would enable the children of light to become one with the source through which all things came to be. This Divine offering was an interpretation of the principal forces of creation, which were separated from each other, so that those who received the Gift could create and celebrate life through either of the two spirits. These forces were now known as Music and Dance.

The seven Angels developed consecrated art forms for the offering, by using their own sounds and movements, which were translated into musical compositions and dance sequences. The Gift was presented to a child residing within a paradise, and through this Chosen One, music and dance was eventually passed down to the Earth.

In the darker regions of time and space, within a province where light was unknown dwelled an evil entity that possessed great power. His spirit was held in confinement, as he was bound to this desolate realm. Through a catastrophic occurrence, the Demon was released and had access to pass through the heavens. He desired the Gift and infiltrated the paradise, creating a war amongst its inhabitants.This battle caused many of the spirit children to relinquish their light, as the Gift and the Chosen One were taken out of the paradise by a legion of angels.

Due to the contamination of their divine bodies, the fallen could no longer dwell inside the heavenly realm, and were forced to find their abode upon the Earth, taking with them the gift of music and dance. The art forms became corrupted, and spread throughout the blue planet, as the Demon established his kingdom within its four corners.A powerful alliance was formed to combat the darker forces; but there was one who would prove to be more than a formidable adversary for the exponents of iniquity, as the hour of reckoning descended upon all creation.

Authors: Gary & Seymour Nurse.