It was a real experience mounting “Legends of the Underground” at the Breakin Convention 2009. It was our 1st time at the BC and I must add it was an amazing 3 days. The whole set up and organization was on point, plus the fact the other performances were great, just added to an unreal event witnessed by 1000s of people. Legends was performed by an amazing cast of international dancers as well as local talent. Ranging from classical ballet to popping locking, jazz, African and modern, Legends brought all of these disciplines to a stage that could only be described as “Legendary”. Our aims and objectives at this point in time is to develop the idea to the next level and tour it world wide. We ultimately want to display legends within the concept of the story and show. We feel it would be an honor to work with best of he best, thus creating a real platform for “Legends of the Underground”.

Gary Nurse