Dominic Stanton is one of several producers who came out of West London’s broken beat community during the late ’90s and early 2000s.
Prior to that, Stanton had been a drum’n’bass DJ throughout the ’90s and released his own productions as Static Imprints and as Sonar Circle — for Reinforced.
Stanton released his first Domu production in 1999 for Dego’s 2000 Black label and began using that as his primary alias throughout the early 2000s.
Domu has notched releases for the Archive and Skindeep imprints; most notably, the full-length Up and Down came out on Archive in 2001 and the first Rima lp was out on JCR in 2003.
Other pseudonyms include Rima, Kudu, Realside, Zoltar and possibly a million more?